WAKE-UP-MINISTRIES exists to serve you by developing solid discipleship curriculum for new believers from an international background, covering everything from identifying and contrasting their worldview with a Christian worldview, to breaking down intellectual barriers to the Christian faith with a study on creation vs. evolution, to learning the ministry and message of Jesus, our Savior. These power-packed lessons are designed to address questions internationals with a non-Western mindset would have about the Christian faith.



In addition, our ministry endeavors to provide sound doctrinal teaching that will protect the church from being led astray. Through years of prayer and careful study, we have compiled a book called Ortho-Millennialism: Bringing Order to End-Time Chaos which explains eschatology (end-time events and prophecy) in a way that is clear and compelling and meant to strip away any fears, doubts, and confusion regarding the end times!



Finally, we are devoted to our goal of Discipling the Nations and raising up the next generation of powerful Christian leaders for the Kingdom! We invite you to browse through our site, check out our blogs, sample some of the lessons found on our Resources page, and discover how you can partner with us to proclaim His message!